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Adobe offers Keywording Tutorials Photo

Adobe offers Keywording Tutorials

Adobe’s Lightroom Coffee Break’s latest episode is entitled “Using Keyword Sets.” In it, Adobe’s Benjamin Warde explains why Keyword Sets are limited to 9 keywords. In doing so, he reveals a tip that may well make key wording faster. In addition, Julieanne Kost offers more suggestion for speeding up keywording workflow.

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Video: Misool Foundation Photo

Video: Misool Foundation

The Misool Foundation has released a new film showcasing the work that the organisation does to protect the Misool Marine Conservation Area in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Filmed by Shawn Heinrichs, the film shows how sustainable ecotourism combined with community based conservation can ensure be effective in reducing largely negative human impact.

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Video: Teleconverter vs Cropped Sensor Photo

Video: Teleconverter vs Cropped Sensor

Steve Perry of Backcountry Gallery has posted a video discussing the pros and cons between using a cropped sensor or a full frame camera with a teleconverter. Whilst he focuses on doing so with long lenses, to some extent the same issue face us with wide angle lenses underwater.

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Video: The Shark Hunters by Madison Stewart Photo

Video: The Shark Hunters by Madison Stewart

Shark conservationist and campaigner Madison Stewart has recently completed a short film documenting her interviews with shark hunters Mark the Shark of Florida and Vic Hislop of Australia. She notes that although they represent the very public face of an anachronistic activity, they are a part of an industry that continues to harvest sharks in unsustainable numbers and to deny these animal’s right to exist, even when their importance to the ecosystem is well understood.

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Video: Cave Diving El Toh by Jonas Pedersen Photo

Video: Cave Diving El Toh by Jonas Pedersen

Jonas Pedersen has shot this surreal and beautiful video of diving the cave system at El Toh in Mexico’s Yucatan. The video was shot on a Sony a7s in S Log 2 and set at between ISO3,200 to ISO50,000. The image is stunningly clean, showing just how amazing the low-light performance of this camera really is.

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NOAA live streams video from the Marianas Trench Photo

NOAA live streams video from the Marianas Trench

NOAA is live streaming video from ROVs exploring the Marianas Trench and surrounding areas. The Okeanos Explorer is carrying out an expedition to collect baseline information and survey this largely unexplored area. The explorations is useing “teleprescence” to interpret data, with scientists in the U.S.A. standing “watches” as the video feeds are piped live from the vessel via satellite internet and providing comments as they view them.

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Video: The Not So Silent World by Evan Sherman Photo

Video: The Not So Silent World by Evan Sherman

Evan Sherman has produced an amazing short film featuring the macro life of Tulamben, Indonesia. He combines super macro filming, with a post processing approach that incorporates the use of sound effects to interpret the noises the animals might be making. The title is a nod to Jacques Cousteau’s Silent World series of films and books.

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OceanLight | See What You Can’t See by Underwater Tribe Photo

OceanLight | See What You Can’t See by Underwater Tribe

Wetpixel Moderator Mike Veitch and Luca Vaime have been shooting and testing the Sony A7s II camera underwater. As most people will be aware, this is a mirrorless full frame camera with an outstanding ISO capability. Mike and Luca deliberately pushed and stretched the camera’s ISO performance by diving very early in the morning, late in the afternoon and inside wrecks.

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