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Videux video workflow app available Photo

Videux video workflow app available

After extensive beta testing, Videux has released their final versions. The app is an “organizer, player, and workflow assistant for video that is highly optimized to get tens of thousands of videos organized and ready for editing.” It is available for Mac via direct download or from the Apple Store as a full or an LT version. It is compatible with most video formats and allows for sorting footage via numerous criteria.

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Video: Gombessa IV Genesis Photo

Video: Gombessa IV Genesis

Laurent Ballesta and Blancpain has posted the full film documenting the Gombessa IV expedition to Fakarava, French Polynesia. It features the team’s efforts to explain the mating aggregation of camouflage grouper (Epinephelus polyphekadion) that occurs annually in the Pass, along with the predatory behavior of the large numbers of grey reef sharks (Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos.)

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Lightroom Coffee Break: Crop Guide Overlays Photo

Lightroom Coffee Break: Crop Guide Overlays

Lightroom’s Coffee Break this week focuses on using the app’s crop guide overlays. Long time Lightroom team member Benjamin Warde outlines the various guides available in the Tools menu. Did you know that Shift + o cycles through the various orientation options for a given overlay?

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Film: What Would the Ocean Say by James Cameron Photo

Film: What Would the Ocean Say by James Cameron

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute partnered with Disneynature; The Explorers Club; OpenROV – OpenExplorer; The Resolution Project to present a film produced by James Cameron entitled “What Would the Ocean Say?” on World Oceans Day. It outlines the the major threats to the worlds oceans including global warming, plastic pollution, overfishing, ocean acidification and more. It then goes on to introduce a new generation of ocean activists, underlining the need for individuals to take action.

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Video: Atlantis by Howard Hall Productions Photo

Video: Atlantis by Howard Hall Productions

Filmmakers Howard and Michelle Hall of Howard Hall Productions have posted a short film shot during their recent trip to the Atlantas Resorts in Puerto Galera and Dumaguete, Philippines. The duo’s normal subjects tend to be larger creatures, so it is fascinating to see them apply their skills to macro. Music is by Shie Rozow.

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Study records humpback feeding behavior Photo

Study records humpback feeding behavior

WWF-Australia reports that Australian and US scientists working off the Antarctic Peninsula in the Gerlache Strait have managed to attach non-invasive camera tags with 3D motion sensors onto humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae). The devices were stuck on their backs for 24 to 48 hours and recorded feeding behavior, including the animals lunge-feeding into tight swarms of krill.

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